Treat 'Em Rough Recruiting T-Shirt

The American Tank Corps of the American Expeditionary Forces was formed on January 26th, 1918.

Early tanks suffered from many flaws; they were slow, poorly ventilated, and were vulnerable to artillery fire. They were often used in support of infantry assaults.  Typically, after long pre-bombardments of enemy forces which removed any surprise during their deployment.

Life in a tank was not only dangerous but often suicidal. They were slow—prefect targets for the artillery, and they had vulnerable fuel tanks that could burn the crew trapped inside. This shirt was created specifically for the recruitment of soldiers into the American Tank Corps.

After training and getting acquainted with their French Renault FT-17 tanks, The American tank crews saw their first battle on September 12th, 1918. The action near St. Michiel included two battlions, the 344th and 345th. These battalions formed the 304th tank brigade, and were led by none other than George S. Patton.